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About Us


"It's just one plastic bottle" said a few billion people every day...

A locally owned business with a drive to deliver quality products in a sustainable manner. No more single use plastic bags and bottles.

 Our 20litre tubs are filled with goodness, ready for you to stock up on your favourite staples and groceries.

​Every time you shop with us you reduce the demand for big companies to manufacture single use plastic.

We want to see you carrying around your reusable drink bottle and the inside of your pantry looking the way it should. We want to see unnecessary plastic gone!



Sustainable shopping in the heart of Camden. Quality whole foods online is just the start. Our range is everything from local honey, loose leaf tea, dried mango, through to buckwheat pasta. Plus a wide range of eco-friendly and health products suppliers from travel mugs and bamboo toothbrushes, through to recycled toilet paper in Australia.