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Caramelised Buckinis / Granola - Organic


Certified Organic Caramelised Buckinis are absolutely delicious clusters of Activated Buckwheat kernels caramelised in raw agave syrup, mesquite powder and Maca powder. With ground cinnamon and pink lake salt. The raw buckwheat kernels in these Buckinis have been activated – soaked, washed and rinsed in filtered water; then dehydrated at a low temperature (under 40o C).

Caramelised Buckinis make a delicious hot or cold breakfast, a quick and convenient natural snack or a wonderful ingredient in raw food, dessert and baking recipes.


Activated Buckwheat*, Raw Agave Syrup*, Raw Mesquite Powder*, Cinnamon*, Raw Maca Powder*, Pink Lake Salt. *Certified Organic

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Made in Australia from Imported Ingredients

Caramelised Buckinis / Granola - Organic