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Mixed Nuts - Activated


Nuts protect themselves from being eaten by animals before they are ready to sprout into trees, and they do this with their protective shell layer that make them hard to digest. This protective layer stop the nuts from releasing their nutrients until they are ready to sprout. The process of activating nuts tricks them into thinking they are about to sprout and thereby locks in the nutrients and makes them taste fresh, sweet and super crunchy. This activated nut mix has been sprouted and then dehydrated at low temperatures to maintain all of the nutrients, making them digestible, delicious and moreish. The mix is high in dietary fibre, unsaturated fats, high quality protein and magnesium.


Activated; Almonds, Walnuts, Cashews, Hazelnuts, Pecans, Pistachios

Nutritional Information



Manufactured in Australia using 59% Australian ingredients and 41% imported ingredients. All nuts are activated in Australia.

Mixed Nuts - Activated